Project wedding dress has commenced

I’m getting married on 30 December 2011 and have decided after years of making wedding dresses for friends, family and customers, that I’m going to make my own wedding dress. This means I’ve got a 322 day countdown.

Whilst magazines, newspapers and fashion websites are speculating on Kate’s wedding dress, it’s not making my own dress design selection any easier.  The problem is I’ve no idea whatsoever on the dress design front.  Everyone seems to think that as a designer I’ll have thought about it for years, have a huge file of references and a clear decision as to what I want.  But the reality is, I’m struggling.  Why is it so difficult to design my own dress?

Join me on my jouney to design and manufacture my own dress.  Find out whether I end up hemming it in the car on the way to the church (the odds on that are evens at the moment given my track record), whether I end up making two dresses with an on-the-day decision, or whether I walk down the aisle in jeans and tears…



4 thoughts on “Project wedding dress has commenced

  1. Looking forward to following you on this journey – I remember my own journey vividly and I wasn’t having to make the dress as well! Good luck – I certainly have faith in you that it’ll all be under control well before the day.

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