Research… where’s the wine?

Today is Valentine’s day (as we all know) the day of love and passion… and making dinner at home because “weddings are expensive, don’t you know?”  that’s my current occupation.  To be truthful, I don’t mind, it’s rather lovely having a meal at home.

Decided to watch last night’s Bafta’s for design inspiration.  Totally loved Emma Watson’s dress, but then realised a similar fabric will be prohibitively expensive and Jessica Alba’s frock will be a nightmare for me to fit to myself.  Don’t even go there.

So this morning, I had a light-bulb moment.  Why not go to the library and see what the costume reference text books have to say to me.  So I did… and I’m now more confused than ever.  I’ve narrowed it down to periods.  So my current thinking… a bit of Regency, or perhaps Victorian, or what about Edwardian, but then the jazz-age flapper girl look is so now, but hang on a second, the age of the seductive Hollywood siren looks fantastic (1930s), ok so I’m no further forward.

Significant Other and I don’t really do Valentine’s,  as he says every day should be Valentine’s day (I suspect I’m being conned here!), but he did say the loveliest thing this lunchtime, he’s not fussed what I wear on our wedding day, as it’s only one dress, on one day, at the start of the rest of our lives…

Finishing dress on morning of wedding:  Evens
Two dresses: 25-1
Jeans and tears: 10-1


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