Frantic Friday

After a week of image consultancy, personal shopping and public speaking, I decided this morning should be a sewing morning.  I don’t ordinarily sew on Friday, as I’ve usually done the bulk of the work earlier in the week.  Sewing on Friday just seems wrong.  Friday should be fun and relaxing, not fraught with the energy of the sewing room.  This has always been my theory, and perhaps should continue to be so, given the events of this morning…

I thought I’d have a completion day – I’ve a protoype short-sleeved jacket, cigarette pants and shift dress all in need of completion for this weekend.   The jacket was nearest completion so I started that shortly after breakfast as it’d only take an hour or so…

Three hours later and the bl**dy sleeve still isn’t lying properly.  I’ve had it out three times, and back in again.  I’m sick of unpicking.  Neither the outer layer nor the lining are off grain, and are fine separeately, but when they’re sewn together they twist and look off-grain…grrr!

Four hours later and I’m about to get the scissors to the damn thing (and not in a good way)… who designed this beast?

Five hours later and I’m wearing a lovely sleeveless jacket.  Not only have I reached inner peace by removing the sleeves, I’m also on-trend for the season as the sleeveless jacket (when is a sleeveless jacket not a waistcoat?) is the must-have for Spring Summer.

I am happy or at least I was until Significant Other pointed out that if I can’t “run myself up” a jacket, there’s no hope of “knocking up” a wedding dress.


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