I went to see Bridesmaids at the cinema over the weekend.  Hilarious in places, cringe-worthy in others and poignant at times, it certainly struck a chord with me.  I just thank goodness I’m not having bridesmaids at my wedding!  Whilst the film was funny in its extremes, showing the competitive dynamics between old friends and new, and the fact a wedding changes everything (even if we promise it won’t), add bridesmaids into the mix and your big day takes a different shape. Thereafter it’s not just your big day, it’s a day you share with a selected group of gals.  It becomes a time of diplomacy (especially if there are several bridesmaids), whilst someone (that’ll be you) acts as UN peace coordinator as the bride’s sister/oldest friend feels she has first dibs over style and colour choice because, she’s known the bride longest, and on it goes.  Having designed and produced a lot of bridesmaids dresses throughout my career as a couturiere there is certainly a theme, and this film played to those themes, albeit to the limit.  So ladies, if you’re thinking of getting married at some time in the near future, I’d certainly recommend Bridesmaids by way of background research.


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