Something old, new, borrowed and comfortable

Every time I open a newspaper or magazine it seems someone else has got hitched.  Whilst Lilly’s was lovely, but not really my thing, and the other royal wedding (didn’t she look unhappy when she walked down the aisle?) was classic and structured, but a bit too old fashioned for my liking, the cream of the crop has got to be Kate Moss.

The dress was so bohemian, yet elegant and beautiful.  It was so right for her, and that’s what a dress should be; perfect for the wearer.  It shouldn’t necessarily have to tick all the conventional wedding dress boxes, which are apparent when one flicks through Bride or Wedding magazines.  Whilst it is possibly the most important, and definitely memorable (how many often are you photographed by so many, so many times?!), it is after all, just a dress.  It should therefore be comfortable but assume the personality of the wearer.

I’m currently working with three different brides who all, thankfully, are following the same philosophy, and we’re working together to create something special from their most flattering and favourite dress.

So, with this advice in mind, I’ve finally made up my mind… I’m going to work on my favourite dress, the one which stands as a fall back and in which I feel most comfortable.


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