The Ultimatum

It’s been a while since I focused my mind towards the wedding – mainly concentrating on other brides (business is always important), designing a collection for my October catwalk show (exciting as this is my first show in Harrogate), and mum’s house move (totally exhausting), but something has shocked me into submission.  The Ultimatum.  It came quite out of the blue yesterday morning as I was settling down to another day in the studio, just me and my sewing machine, when Significant Other announced that if The Dress isn’t finished by Christmas Eve the wedding is off.

Off?!   How, why, I sort of spluttered (I didn’t add does that mean we can still go on honeymoon?!), I was rendered rather speechless for at least a nanosecond.

Yes off – I’m not having you stressed out and over Christmas!  (He had his serious work face on and his arms crossed – he means it.)

I’d always jokingly said I’d start The Dress Christmas eve (it was a joke, well sort of) as I’m quite able to make a dress within a week or so (sew?!), even a fancy evening dress.  I’ve made two successful wedding dresses both in three weeks (both for very different reasons but in each case the bride was delayed), and I’m currently embarking on another which will have to made in two weeks, again due to the bride’s circumstances.  I’m certainly capable of running up a frock for myself and getting it finished in time.  Ok so I might be tweaking it that morning but it’s a late wedding, so I figure there’s time.

I’m not sure how he’s going to police this ultimatum, given that I’m not making The Dress here… but I suppose I shouldn’t be embarking on married life by fibbing to my future husband.  Perhaps I should get a move on…?


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