Pre-Catwalk Stress

At various intervals throughout my life I’ve questioned my sanity, you know stressful time like when I was putting together my first collection (and I said never again, but did!), when I was sitting my degree finals and had left for holiday the very next day (so couldn’t take time off work), and again today… I must be the only person who would consider designing and staging a fashion show 10 weeks before she gets married (and hasn’t even started her wedding dress), and indeed I am.

I think the word which sums me up today is STRESSED.  It’s just occurred to me I’ve got 5 days until the big day (catwalk show not that big day) and half the collection is barely finished.  But five days I hear you say, surely that’s loads of time, well it would, but… client commitments, family birthdays and a wedding list which simply needs to be selected, all appear to be conspiring against me.

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to have the very talented Nicky Chadwick ( take some image of my latest collection for my new website.  Nicky also introduced me to Jaiq, an extremely creative tiara designer Jaiq Carter ( who’s designs brought my dresses to life. The models showed off the dresses better than I could have ever dreamed… and although I’ve been stressed getting these wedding dresses finished for the collection, at least I now have a back up to Significant Other’s Ultimatum, there’s always a sample to fall back on…!


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