The show went on…

What a week!  I feel like I’ve been sewing forever… which in truth I probably have.  I didn’t think I’d get through everything, but apart from a couple of non-critical dresses I had to ditch, I got everything else finished in time… just!

A huge thanks to Amelia my work experience student from this summer who gave up a precious afternoon of her school holiday to come and hem, bead and anything else I threw at her (not literally!).  We sewed like we’d never sewed (is there such a word?) before!  Our fingers were sore, but we made it!

So we headed down to down to Restaurant Bar & Grill in Harrogate to strut our stuff in their private dining area.  The collection includes a small range of bridal (bride, alternative ideas for bridesmaids and a mothers of bride), and I also showed my collection of cocktail and classic shifts and as the shift is something I’ve been honing for the last 20 years, there were plenty of shifts in the show!

With an hour to go it I was at panic stations with only one model onboard.  Another had disappeared on holiday (can you blame her – holiday or modelling, I know which I’d go for) my only professional model had said she’d come but I couldn’t get hold of her to make sure she’d turn up (and as I was the only other person in the room who could fit into the most fabulous of my wedding dresses – yes it’s my backup when Significant Other gave me my Ultimatum – you can imagine how relieved I was to see her).  Amelia agreed to model the waistcoat she made during her work experience, and then proved a trouper trying on all the other outfits (which we thought were age appropriate) to see what would fit and what she felt comfortable modelling, and then my mother… I had to have beloved mother as she’s possibly my biggest customer (well she would be if she actually paid for her clothes!) and has a wardrobe simply crammed with Eliza creations (she’s also good for experimenting on – as I did with the Mother of the Bride (MOB) outfit).  With half an hour to go we had more models than dresses, which was a phew as it meant I didn’t have to model!

It was my proudest moment, seeing my creations come to life as the models shimmied down the catwalk to the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Fletcher Henderson and Louis Armstrong.  Nicky ( was, once again, on hand to take some fabulous pictures of the girls in motion and capture the mood of the evening.  As my mother modelled business wear, Amelia modelled a waistcoat which we made on her first day of work experience, Sara modelled a dress designed and made by Amelia (with a little help from me) during the same week, and Anna (our professional model) shone in business, cocktail and bridal, not to mention our guest of honour Anna (yes it was so confusing as we had two model Anna’s and our hostess at Bar & Grill also by the same name), who kindly agreed to model her wedding dress which I designed and made last year.   Jaiq ( also arrived with her beautiful sculptured tiaras to round off the sparkly evening.  It was truly wonderful, and I’d like thank all who attended both as models, giving their time and our guests.

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