One down, one hundred to go…

Phew… it’s wonderful when you tick something major of the list before 10:30am!  Today was invitation day.  I’ve been under so much pressure to send them out – I’m not sure why as we saved the date in January and I always thought it should be six weeks before.  Anyhow yesterday, I put my mind to it.  Came up with a bit of blurb for the insert (had marvellous fun with fonts!), found the gift cards John Lewis had sent us (I personally hate sending a gift list with an invitation as it seems to mercenary but in practical terms it saves in postage and endless questions) and then wrote FAQ’s… Yes I’ve decided to save time (and phone costs) with a practical list of what to wear (as a couturiere and stylist it would be wrong not to!), where to eat, where/how to park and all those other questions you end up fielding in the final 24 hours, when all you want to do is put your feet up, paint your nails and pour a drink (or in my case, probably last minute touches to someone’s outfit!).

And now they’re gone and I’m at the mercy of Mr Postman, but at least it means I can concentrate on the rest of the list which needs to be completed before “we” get married.

So now all I’ve to do is… order fabric for Significant Other and Best Man matching waistcoats (which I’m making), source fabric for mum’s outfit (ditto) and order samples for my skirt…


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