The one where we try on our rings

It’s all happening now, with only 8 weeks to go I’m finally galvanised into action.  I’d have never said I was a good under pressure gal, but considering I made more outfits for the show in the last 24 hours than the final week beforehand, perhaps I am more focused under pressure?

Saturday was our “ring fitting” day.  I know, who’d have thought that the rings would require a final fitting, I just assumed that one went into the shop, measured, ordered, and then collected.  Apparently, all rings need fitting as the size might not be quite right and in need of slight altering.  The best fit should be a ring that slides on easily but has a little resistance when removing.

The sales assistant thought they were fine but encouraged us to try them at random times during the day to see if there was any change in the fit and ensure they would be perfect on the day.

So last night, when I couldn’t sleep (I’ve been a periodic insomniac for years), I decided I’d take a look at the rings.

I’d woken up from a fever inducing nightmare – there was I hemming the dress whilst I walked down the aisle (mum was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, not that she’d ever leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt but to make a point she’d decided to do the most humiliating thing she could my wedding day as punishment for not starting her dress before mine… it was a dream, ok?  Anyway I needed something solid to focus on, so whilst Significant Other had nipped downstairs to make me a cup of tea (what’s the point in getting married if you spend a solitary sleepless night? ) I gently slipped my ring  from it’s elegant white pouch, unwrapped the crispy tissue paper, and slowly slipped it down my wedding finger.  It glimmered in the bedside light and even to my sleep starved eyes, looked beautiful.

As I sat there, admiring my elegant fingers (incidentally and unusually I’d painted my nails), I heard the plodding on the stairs.

Quickly, I pulled off the ring as I didn’t want Significant Other to catch me.  I felt illicit and slightly wrong.  I’m not married, not yet, and wearing a wedding ring just feels… strange.

And I pulled…

Another step…

And pulled…but it’s stuck solid…

And pulled..


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