First cut… Eliza gets to work

Finally, at least, you’ll be pleased to know that yesterday I started the wedding outfit.  Hurrah, I hear you cry, about time and all that (even our vicar is now praying for the dress).

Ok, so I’ve started a wedding outfit, however this particular outfit isn’t mine.  I know, I should start with my dress, but I haven’t got all the fabric yet.  So, I thought I’d start with Significant Other’s waistcoat.  He thinks he’ll lose weight before the wedding, but if truth be told with the party season fast approaching I seriously doubt it, and I’ve got to start somewhere, so that’s where I’ve started.

But when I say a waistcoat, I mean two.  The best man, on hearing the other half wanted a waistcoat under his DJ decided he’d have one too.   So that’s where I am now, making wasitcoats. I don’t ordinarily design for men, so I picked up a commercial pattern rather than put myself through design misery. I always find menswear a bit odd, it seems so big when compared to ladieswear, but on the upside I feel oh so slim when I hold it up besides me!

Commercial pattern bought in last minute waistcaot manufacture panic
Cutting out Significant Other's waistcoat - gosh it looks so big

After two false starts with the fabric – there was no way I was making a decision on the colour for this one so left it entirely up to S.O. to decide – by the time he’d selected his number 1 and number 2 colours from the numerous samples I’d collated, they’d sold out!  Thankfully third time lucky we were successful.

Floral lining
Floral lining for a bit of a twist

As I was cutting out the fabric yesterday it occurred to me that they’ll look perhaps a tad more festive than intended.  No, he hadn’t opted for White Christmas red, but the green reminded me of something, I just couldn’t quiet think of what. I made myself a cuppa and had a think, it was on the tip of my tongue…

Hard at work on the waistcoat pocket
Presing the pocket, the colour reminds me for something...

… it’s Elf green!

Working on the waistcoat
Working on a waistcoat fit for an elf...sorry bridegroom!

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