Meltdown number 1

Friday I had my first, and hopefully only, meltdown of the design and manufacture process.  You see I’ve had such a vision for this dress, throughout the process I’ve known exactly what I wanted (ok perhaps it took me a while with the actual design, but I always knew the shape) and of course I had a fabric in mind.  It has to be silk (I adore wearing silk), it has to be flattering, and of course elegant.

As a  designer I’m very much fabric led, I often buy fabric and then work out a design, rather than the other way round.  I just find fabrics inspiring, the colours, textures and of course the way they drape.

When I found the bodice fabric, and literally it was a find having traipsed up and down Berwick Street on the one hot day in August, I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it that this was the one.  Whilst it was the one, it was also exorbitantly expensive, so I bought the barest minimum.

In the shop they draped The One over me with several layers of equally pricey silk underneath.  Of course, said I, I’m using my usual supplier in Yorkshire (James Hare) for the main body of the dress.  I’d secretly already selected what I wanted (The Other)…

I’d thought little of either fabrics it in the passing months, so imagine my dismay when, on Friday morning, I finally unwrapped The One and laid it across the table next to the sample of The Other?  I thought I’d better check they work together before I place the order, just in case.  You see, I’d been so convinced that this partnership would work, that I’d only selected one sample.  Whilst it was a bit of a unique partnership (I’ve never seen it coupled before) and The Other would drape and caress my body perfectly, it simply had to work.  As I stared at the table they looked… awful.  Rushing round the studio, I turned every light and lamp to full blast… but still it looked terrible.  The Other made The One look dull and dirty and The One made The Other look cheap!

Calling mum, I could feel the first wedding tears welling… what should I do?  Ditch The One and buy an alternative for the bodice to go with The Other or change find something to go with The One and risk changing the style?


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