Panic over… fabric – check; dress design, oh dear back to the drawing board

Relief, mummy to the rescue (literally), I dashed to her office (thank goodness they’ve known me where she works since I was a teenager), fabric in one hand, sample card(s) in the other for a second opinion.  There we were, fabric splayed across her desk, sample cards all over the place, and thankfully mum agreed that my desired fabric simply doesn’t work.  We went through the different colours – should I do cream (so unflattering with natural red hair), pink tones too youthful (sadly I’m an “old” bride), so we worked our way back to ivory… and then we spotted it.  It had been staring me in the face all this time, but I’d overlooked it on the grounds of prejudice.  Perhaps I’m too proud and a little bit prejudiced to consider the obvious choice of fabric for the dress.

I had to swallow my pride and admit, this fabric (the new Other, or should that Another??) is a perfect partner for The One.

I therefore took a dose of my own advice – never discount anything/always keep an open mind – and picked up the phone and ordered the fabric (before I haed second thoughts).

However, it does mean I return to the style drawing board as this fabric will need a slightly different skirt.

Weeks to go before the big day:  6
Weeks before Ultimatum:  5
Weeks before I “finish” for Christmas: 4½
Wedding attire to complete:  waistcoats (x2); mother of the bride (dress, jacket and (a new addition) a coat); bride (dress and jacket)

Will I make it?


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