Let them eat cake

I can’t believe it, having spent 8 months doing nothing on the wedding, in fact as one of my good (male purely plutonic) friends pointed out on Monday “honey, I’m in denial about your wedding, but then I think you are too”.  He might have a point.  Since the start of the year I’ve been putting it to the back of my mind.  I don’t want to be someone who spends the whole year planning a wedding, making it the focal point of their world, and then feel bereft afterwards.

Whereas now the time has come and I simply must put my best foot forward. Today marks 6 weeks. Time is running out, dresses need to be started, but more importantly, cakes must be made.

I had the good fortune to meet Lydia Sierevogel when her daughter came to do work experience with me in July.  Lydia is magnificent with cakes, icing sugar and all things decorative.  During our work experience week Lydia would bake the lightest cup cakes I’ve had the joy of experiencing… and she manages to work, run a household with three kids, and make, design and decorate wedding cakes in her “spare time”.  How does she do it?  Goodness knows, but the one thing I’m thankful of, Lydia has time to help me.

I wasn’t going to have a cake as we’re doing our wedding on a budget and, despite the above, I can take or leave my cake.  However, Lydia persuaded me that not only do I need a cake, everyone should enjoy it too.  Which means cake is doubling as dessert so nobody has an excuse of being too full.

Early this week, I met with Lydia to discuss the design.  Lydia has managed to incorporate my love of design (my period is art deco), aspects of my dress (The One fabric), yet retain an element of simplicity which is key to the day.

First draft of cake design
Lydia’s first draft of the cake design – its grander than I’d anticipated!

I’m not having a theme as such – there are no flowers or bridesmaids, but we’ve managed to keep the lines clean and simple, and yes it’s mirroring my (newly revised design) dress.

In fact, come to think of it, I can see a theme emerging.


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