Mother of Bride (aka the MoB)

Nope, I still haven’t started mine… but we’ve plenty of time and it’s so simple, unlike mum’s (don’t ask), I can leave it another week (plus I have to wait until my godmother is available as she’s going to fit me).

So with little customer work (is it devine intervention that the phone isn’t ringning right now?), I’ve decided to start mum’s MoB outfit.  Like all things to do with my mother, this is turning into another grand affair.  You see, she’d seen a dress ages ago which she rather liked the look of, unfortunately she didn’t like the £900 price tag (Mother of the Bride outfits are either cheap and nasty or beautiful but eyewateringly expensive, there is definitely a gap in the market).  In true “show me a picture and I’ll make the dress” I volunteered to give it a go.  I had a practice run with a similar style for the catwalk show, and now for the main event.

Susan Pennington wearing Eliza Wyke Mother of the Bride dress
Mum wearing one I made earlier for the show. She liked it so much she wore it three days later on the Orient Express!

If I’m honest, I’d have preferred to start earlier, but commissions, working abroad, and catwalk shows, all got in the way, not to mention earning the money to pay for the fabric!

Now we have all the fabric, and I must set about my task of creating something fabulous for my mother to take my arm down the aisle (she’s giving me away).

Given the above, there was much to consider before we could even select her fabric.   Firstly it needs to be something which can be layered (the church is 900 years old so I doubt it will be tropical on an afternoon in late December), so we’re looking at a medium-weight jacket under an overcoat or cape.  However, as the reception venue is intimate, it could get hot and stuffy, so the dress needs to be lightweight (don’t want mum to melt!).  And of course there is colour… it’s no secret I’m wearing a dark green overcoat for the ceremony, so green (which as natural redheads is “our colour”) was off limits (yes she sulked).  Mum liked the idea of blue, but as one good friend pointed out “you wore the Mrs Thatcher suit last time you can’t do blue again” (by last time she meant for big sis’s wedding way back in the 1980s the last time shoulders were in!)

Like most things for the wedding, she had a “when I see it, I’ll know” moment and literally did.  We found the fabric in the dingiest shop on Berwick Street, but we both knew it was just her.   The fabric, is a riot of colour, and perfect for mum’s sense of the dramatic (now you know where I get it from!).

Kit form of mum's dress for the wedding
One of the five frills which I'll be sewing together to form the skirt of mum's least it's not green!

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