Project Keep Warm on Wedding Day has commenced

Time is moving on (3 working weeks left from tomorrow, 4 weeks until the Ultimatum and 5 weeks until the big day… yikes), and can’t delay any longer.

Earlier this week I commenced Project Keep Warm on Wedding Day – more ordinarily known as coat manufacture but I think Project KWWD sounds more like the covert task it has become, you see due to logistics, time and other mitigating factors (such as Significant Other being permanently based from home), I’ve had to start the project right under his nose.

I’m not sure where the custom of the groom not seeing the bridal outfit before the wedding commenced, but nigh on impossible to keep up when you’re a modern couple who (a) live under the same roof; (b) work under the same roof; and (c) the bride had a stupid idea that she’d make her own bridal outfit… (although the latter is probably not such a modern phenomenon, I suspect a generation or so ago, more brides made their own dress as opposed to bought).

So I’ve started Project KWWD.  Like the dress, I’d had lots of ideas I originally discounted, a dramatic cape (too draughty), a 1920’s style bubble coat with lots of faux fur (impractical for walking), a Scottish Widows style hooded cape (too much fabric, so have opted for a fitted frock style coat in silk brocade.  That’s silk brocade, famed for its warmth… not!

As the wedding is December, in Harrogate, and the newspapers keep promising a chilly snap which hasn’t materialised just yet, it’s probably not going to be tropical.

As there are only three things which make Eliza truly grumpy:
1)      cold
2)      hunger
3)      tired
At this stage the only one I know I can control is number 1.

I paid a visit to the lovely Sandra at Fine Fabrics of Harrogate ( late last week who solved the chill factor “…why not use a thermal lining…” she suggested.

Jacket lining pieces
Thermal and satin linings based together prior to manufacture. Thankfully it's thin, and hopefully, warm

Well, yes that’s an idea but I don’t want to look like a tyre on my wedding day (I had images of looking like a walking duvet as I shiver down the aisle).  But Sandra convinced me that it’s warm, and thin.

And indeed it is wafer thin, and extremely warm (well it was on my lap as I paired both linings.  I haven’t quiet finished yet, but somehow it makes the frosty green (ice cold colour) look strangely inviting.  Even Significant Other (with his aversion to quilting or as he calls them duvet coats) was impressed with my handiwork as he wandered into the kitchen for coffee.

Parallel lines
Marking out the lines for quilting the lining prior to manufacture.

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