Back to work, back to reality

So the honeymoon is well and truly over and it’s back to cold (extremely cold) harsh reality of work.

This year I’m focusing on two areas which I think are under-served in the wedding market.  Whilst I love designing and making wedding dresses, I’ll be honest that I can’t compete commercially with the high-street bridal market in terms of price or speed.  My designs are labour intensive and, consequently, expensive.  I am still designing wedding dresses, in fact have a couple of commissions so far this year.

However, two areas in which I do believe I can offer a unique and valuable service are the bridesmaid market (unique designs for multiple ages, shapes and sizes with a colour theme),  and also the market for mother of the bride/groom.

Whilst laid in the sun (sigh), I had a hundreds of design ideas.  In fact I found the beauty of Sri Lanka immensely inspiring…

This week I made a start on a new collection of bridesmaid designs.

Eliza hand stitching gathers to bodice
Not quite finished... still has pins and tacking stitches and awaiting a few final touches.

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