Don’t call me Mrs Tweedy

For those of you following my Just Sewing blog, you’ll know that this year I’ve decided to tackle my fabric mountain.  You see, over the years I’ve randomly acquired fabric with grand ideas (and designs) for sample and collections, and then promptly stashed it away when the customer has come knocking at the door.  It’s now reached the point where my (sorry Significant Other’s) study is overloaded with drawers and rolls crammed/stashed with fabric.  My resolution this year is therefore to make up fabric samples and either sell, photograph or wear (possibly all three).

I decided to start with a piece of Harris Tweed which was bought for me by mum as a Christmas present in (dare I say this) December 2009, ever since she’s been asking if/when I’m going to make it up.

Last month (actually the week in which we experienced “summer”) I decided to take action.  I’ve always wanted a vintage 1970’s style “hacking jacket” single breasted (which will give me longed-for-height), mid-hip and figure-hugging (my bug-bear is jackets which are too roomy), I took inspiration a tailoring institution, Daks (my mum has one she’s had for decades) and set about my cutting and stitching task.

At times, during the week, I did question the sanity of making a thick tweed jacket when clearly the weather had spring/summer on its mind.  But as the weather turned chilly as the Easter weekend approached, I was pleased with the results, and my decision.

Work in progress - sleeves set, sleeve head and shoulder pads in place, next up collar...

I’ve had so many compliments I’m almost embarrassed to wear it – from a new sewing school student who approached me in Lakeland (she’d booked lessons and thought it might be me as she’d seen my picture on the internet), to the woman who shouted “nice jacket” from inside her shop as I was looking in the window, to a lady at mum’s church in Ripley who came over especially to tell me how wonderful my jacket looked.  So mostly tomorrow, whilst I personal shop (with two customers for the entire day) in York, I’ll brave the April chill in my new favourite tweed jacket… just don’t call me Mrs Tweedy!

I'm really pleased with my Harris Tweed vintage inspired jacket. It goes perfectly with my wardrobe staples - blue jeans and white shirt!

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