Classic Jacket

Last week I started work on my latest Just Sewing ( project – the Jacket!

This project came about as I’m constantly asked by sewing students how to learn to a jacket (usually when they’re just starting out) and I try to help, but give caution as jackets can be tricky.

We all know the  jacket is a great way to smart up an outfit and rejuvenate a tired wardrobe.  I’m always inspired by the classics and what better classic than Chanel – I simply adore the 1950s suit and have always aspired to copy but never got round to it… until now.

So my latest offering isn’t a true Eliza Wyke original as it’s an Eliza inspired by Chanel creation.  The styling is simple, and its mostly down to the cut and the nipping of the waist, but the art lays in the finishing touches as I’ve applied trims and braiding to make my jacket look extra special.

I will be running this course next month, but if can’t/don’t want to sew, but would still like one, the order book is now officially open!


Eliza jacket inspired by Chanel
Eliza jacket inspired by Chanel

Bespoke prices start at £350


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