Wishing you an XXL Christmas

I often receive some strange requests. I know I’m not alone or by no means unique in the number of strange requests I receive (I have a friend who owns an underwear boutique who takes the gold medal for strange requests).  Some requests fall into the unusual but could be fun category, some fall into the downright ridiculous category, which might be where my festive tale is heading.

For those of you who didn’t know last Friday was Christmas jumper day (“make the world better with a sweater” day).  A day, if ever we needed it, to get ourselves into the festive mood.

Recently I’ve done a spot of events work… in an office(!) and being part of the “team”, I was included in the departmental festive jumper (“project Needle”)…

Visions of Sara Lund and her splendid Nordic sweaters danced in my head.  Sadly my colleagues had different visions of Christmas sweaters dancing in their heads.

After much protest (not mine, I hasten to add, for those who know me well I’m having a “go with the flow” period at the moment!!), it was decided that the whole department should don one gigantic festive sweater.

So away to the internet we flew like a flash and typed into Google extra large festive sweaters.

It quickly became apparent that event the largest of large (did you know there is a size XXXL? – me neither and I’m a personal shopper!!) so two were procured to be stitched together.  Unfortunately I was taking a day off to do the day job – personal shopping – when I was “volunteered” for the task of making two XXXL sweaters into XXXXXXL… I know.

After much unpicking, resewing, and when all else failed gluing, followed by glitter, here is the result.

One sweater for the entire department
One sweater for the entire department

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