Good Foundations

Last night I was invited to view the sale preview at the recently opened Rigby & Peller in Harrogate.   I know it sounds extravagant but one of the few things I’ll splash out on is my underwear, or more importantly, a well fitting bra.  And if you’re in the market for a well fitting bra, the experts at Rigby & Peller are the people to go and see.

Rigby & Peller, Harrogate store
Rigby & Peller, Harrogate store

I wasn’t always bothered about underwear, yes I was seduced by style and colour, rather than comfort and fit, but thought that all bras were the same, whatever the make and cost.  Like most women, I’ve had a few bad experiences over the years.  I remember being fitted in my teens for a special occasion at an exclusive underwear boutique (Beloved Mum was paying for the bra – thanks mum!) but after that I never really bothered.  In my twenties, after reading an article saying something outrageous like 1 in 4 women were wearing the wrong fitting bra, I decided to have another go and sample the bra fitting service at M&S.  Unfortunately it didn’t go too well.  The “expert” said I was a 34A, although when I tried the 34A on it was a bit on the big side, I did say it was a bit strange as I’d always worn a 32B and this felt a bit lose – she said a 32B and a 34A were the same size (to this day I don’t understand this logic and a few years later had a similar experience with someone talked me into thinking a 30D was the same as a 32C – needless to say the underwire on the D cup is too large and makes for a very uncomfortable wear).  Back then I bought the 34A bra (don’t ask, it was a moment of  weakness) and regretted it every time I wore it as if I over exerted my arms, the damn thing came undone!

Six years ago (I almost remember the date as it was July 2008) I went to a networking event and had an underwear epiphany.  I admitted I’ve never found anything totally forget-you’re-wearing-it comfortable in the bra department until that night.  At the networking event not only was I properly fitted (turns out I’ve been a 32B/C all along) but found the most blissful comfort in the form of the Marie Jo brand.  The brand have a very pretty range of underwear with different styles and fits to suit all ages and sizes.  They might be a bit more expensive than the high street brands but when it comes to comfort, like a shoe that rubs, it can be a long day if your bra is uncomfortable.

Underwear isn’t just about comfort, it’s about creating the best foundation for your clothes, as any gal who has donned Spanx will tell.   A good, well fitting, bra which gives you the correct uplift can knock years off your age, as can the correct knickers!  As a couturier I see many ladies who need to create the right foundation for their special occasion frock.   It takes a little time and effort but the results are generally stunning.

Inside Rigby & Peller, just a small selection of their extensive brand range
Inside Rigby & Peller, just a small selection of their extensive brand range

So back to last night, Rigby & Peller’s extensive brand range is practical and pretty, and nobody knows the importance of the right uplift and smooth line better than the ladies there.  After an extensive trying on session, I made my selection (ironically the first one I tried), and what with the 30% sale price, how could a gal resist?

Quality carrier for quality foundation.
How could a gal resist temptation?



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