Mother of the Bride / Groom – a guide

The search for the perfect outfit for the Mother of the Bride can be a tricky one.  It’s not your day as such, but as a major protagonist you’ll want to reflect your personality, sophistication and image, whilst maintaining an air of subtly to compliment your daughter / son on their big day.

For many it’s the first time you’ll have been “on show” for a good few years and the prospects of official photographs can fill even the most confident with dread.

Of course, there are a raft of “specialist” designers producing elaborate designs in a raft of shiny pastel shades, aimed at the Mothers of the Bride / Groom (the fact that many of them are modelled by an impossibly young “mother” figure adds much mirth).  It’s perfect for some as they feel that’s what they should wear.  However, it’s not for everyone.  You’re reading this so perhaps it’s not for you either.

So what do you want from your outfit?

Individuality – it goes without saying you want to stand out from the crowd as befits your status.

Flattering – even though you haven’t the figure of 20 years ago (who has?!), you’ll want an outfit that flatters your shape and style.  This might mean nothing over the knee (see above vampy mother of the bride images on sites which shall remain nameless!).

Comfortable – whether you like it not, you’ll be on show for some part of the day so you need to be comfortable.  If you haven’t worn a dress for years, why do so now?  Who says you have to wear a dress and bolero jacket??  Exactly!  I’ve made trouser and coat suits for ladies who don’t feel right in a dress but want something smart (and more importantly that they’ll wear again).

Which leads me to my final point, you’ll probably want to wear it again?  Let’s be honest, who can afford to spend hundreds of pounds on an outfit they’ll never wear again (and who wants to?).  It’s the first question I ask and the answer is more often than not, yes – these are the outfits that are a pleasure to design and produce, they’re the outfits that will be lovingly created as they’ll become a smart wardrobe staple.

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A simple shift and a well cut coat might just be your thing knowing you can wear both, albeit separately in the future
A simple shift and a well cut coat might just be your thing knowing you can wear both, albeit separately, in the future

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