Let’s get shirty

Whilst the temperature may still be hovering around an unsociable zero degrees, and layers are still very much an option for anyone over the age of 18, I can’t help but be drawn towards all things spring.  Just as it’s fun to look at festive catalogue from the White Company when it lands on the doormat on 1st September, it’s fun to look forward on summer holidays when snow flurries are fluttering past the studio window.

For the last couple of years my warmer weather wardrobe (with climate change who can talk of summer?) has been dominated by the oversize silk vest, worn with skinny jeans, “girlfriend” shorts or tucked into a pencil skirt under a suit, it really has proved a wardrobe staple.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen out of love with my oversized vest, it’s just I feel it’s time for something new.

Last year I toyed with the oversized silk shirt, which was a good stopgap until I could once again don the silk vest.  It was a perfect early spring accompaniment to skinny jeans, worn with a cotton skinny vest (oh if my grandfather could read these words!) and often a waistcoat.

2017 sees a different trouser style altogether, move to one side skinny jean, and make way (at least a couple of days per week) for your wider leg cousin; the cropped flare.

But what to wear with a cropped flare?

You know I’m all about keeping things in proportion, so for me, when I wear a little flare, I have to balance it out with something fitted.  That’s why the oversized vest suited me so well as it balanced a bigger bottom half in skinny jeans.  The new wide legged silhouette calls for a fitted top.  Yes, for right now the skinny rib polo is the perfect accompaniment, but honestly we don’t live in Narnia (although by February it often feels that way) and soon the warm sun will shine and we will be brave enough to bare our arms once more.  Bring on the belted shirt…

You may have spotted many variations on the high street.  My interpretation on the trend, is part fitted shirt (using my fitted shirt block) and part kimono over-shirt (so I can wear with a lightweight polo for right now!) with just enough fabric to wrap around but not add bulk (lets be honest who wants bulk around the middle?).  Getting a little carried away in the studio, I’ve done full sleeves, 3/4 sleeve with bias cuff and sleeveless….

Yellow & white cotton strip with collar, 3/4 sleeves and bias cuff and tie belt
Yellow & white cotton strip with collar, 3/4 sleeves and bias cuff and tie belt
Cotton sleeveless with bias bound arms and neck, self-tie belt
Cotton sleeveless with bias bound arms and neck, self-tie belt

Time to get shirty.



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