Holiday wardrobe: 4 weeks to go

Holidays always seem an age away; exciting when we book them, then its a long old slog to save the dosh, with a payment date looming, and before you know it’s the last frantic week before take-off and oh-my-god-I’m-not-going-to-get-everything-done!

Taking time from work and exploring new places (or even reacquainting yourself with an old favourite) should be a pleasurable experience but it’s often blighted by the old “what to wear” quandary and panicking packing syndrome.

Whatever the type of holiday (chic city break or chilled out beach), I tend to start my holiday wardrobe planning a few weeks before.

Personally, I make an effort a month before (usually one of those quiet, often wet, weekends where you’re broke because you’ve just paid the balance, or because you’re saving for spending money – or do those weekends just happen to me?) looking at what I stored from last year.  This is especially important if travelling “out of season”.

Try things on – do they fit?  Do you still like them?

I often find that items I wore constantly on one holiday don’t seem quite right the following year (hate to admit it but think it’s an age thing).

Look at what you might need to supplement your current selection – a new bikini because the old one has perished?  Update thong sandals with this season’s colours. With a few weeks to spare you’ll be able source items you like, rather than doing a quick panic internet trawl two days before you depart and spending a king’s ransom on express delivery.

Think about where you’re heading – relaxing break on a remote island probably doesn’t need four changes of outfit per day.  What can you mix and match?  Do you really need 7 pairs of shoes for a 5 night break?  What will double up?  Thank goodness for Weather websites – it’s much easier to find out what’s going on in the world weather-wise and plan accordingly.

Heading to the beach calls for lose fitting, easy to wear chic. Remember a stylish beach dress will be an asset on such a holiday

Whilst it might sound hard work up front, it will save time when you need it the most (the night before) and limit the pre-holiday/airport arguments with the other half (there is nothing more uplifting than being (a) prepared and (b) packing lighter than the “I just need a few t-shirts” other half!).

The main thing is that planning a holiday wardrobe should be straightforward and fun – remember you’re going away to forget the stress rather than heap it into your suitcase.

Happy holiday!

Still struggling to come up with a holiday capsule wardrobe?  Why not contact Eliza to plan the perfect wardrobe.

With a sightseeing city break you’ll be out dawn ’til dusk, so comfy feet are a must!
Of course in a city you need to be prepared for anything – look chic but relaxed

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