Maxi shirt

Most fashionistas, and for that matter, nearly everyone I speak with, has an “elusive” garment list. Whether is the perfect leather jacket, white t-shirt or faded denim jeans (where did George Michael buy that look for Faith?), everyone has one garment they truly desire, yet can’t find for love nor money.

I’m no exception, my current quest is for “the perfect…” includes beautiful silk crepe to make the the perfect white silk shirt (I’ve nailed the design, just need the fabric), the faded jeans, and of course the perfect maxi dress.

I’ve always envied those willowy gals who can casually throw on a maxi during those sultry summer evenings – both here and abroad.  However, I’ve never quite managed to find the perfect style.

I’m thinking more a homage to Elizabeth Debicki’s character in BBC1’s The Night Manager, rather than the Demis Roussos kaftan.

The strapless maxi doesn’t really suit my figure – I don’t have enough bust to keep it up, and more importantly strapless looks awful on the pale skinned gal with straplines, because despite my best efforts with sunscreen there is always a bit that’s either missed, or rubbed off at the side of my bikini, leaving me with unsightly red and white marks (before you inundate me with fake tan solutions, it doesn’t take evenly on my lovely pale skin, but that’s another blog entirely).

I’ve also got a tiny waist so anything empire line looks dire as volume covers my best bit.

So, what to do?  How do I achieve the floaty maxi coverage that flatters my complexion and figure.

Bring on the maxi-shirt dress.

Based on the asymmetrical shirt designed last month, the Eliza maxi shirt dress is fitted along the waist and bust area, dropping from the hip with deep side splits (whilst I don’t like my knees from the side angle my legs are passable) and with a tie belt at waist to nip me in (or perhaps not as the holiday progresses!), it will highlight my waist.

Patterned maxi-shirt with a contrast silk tie band and binding

… of course once I’d designed the maxi-shirt, I had a go with another Eliza favourite to come up with the maxi t-shirt.  A take on my loose fitted v-back silk t-shirt, extended to the floor, with a nip it in at the waist tie belt.

Over sized maxi T-shirt dress with double length tie belt

Shirting and t-shirting the issue is possibly the best solution for an Eliza and her maxi.

T-shirt maxi-dress from £100 / Shirt maxi-dress from £125

For more information click to contact Eliza

Eliza models

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