333 Challenge

I’ve been challenged by my dear friend Emma to undergo the 333 challenge.

I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of the project but always up for another challenge.

What is it?


Take 33 items and wear those, and only those, for three months.  To follow the challenge properly you’re supposed to box up the remainder of your wardrobe so you’re not tempted.  Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient storage space (the downside of working from home), so I’m going to have to be totally self-disciplined and separate my wardrobe.  You’re also supposed to start this one quarterly – the advice is 1 Jan to 31 Mar and so on.  I’ll be starting on 19 April until 18 July so not strictly following the rules.

However, that aside, as one of my favourite parts of holiday packing is selecting an edited version of my wardrobe, I’m relishing this challenge. Admittedly, it takes the spontaneity out of dressing, but it does mean there is one less thing to worry about each morning.

I must confess it’s taken me several days to whittle it down my selection as I weigh up the pros and cons of admission and omission… and what life has in store for me during the coming months.

My main concern is that I’ll become tired of wearing the same items continually for three months. One of the joys of being a ladies’ tailor is trying out the sample designs – from a purely practical point of view, of course!  Will I become frustrated by the limited options or will I feel liberated?

It has taken some time to selection the final edit.  Am I ashamed to admit I have a greater number than 33 items in my wardrobe?  Not especially, given my profession.

My concerns are:

  1. Accessories:  I love an accessory – jewellery and scarves and I’ll admit I have a stash of both most of which are worn, but will I tire quickly of a limited supply?
  2. Will I be warm enough?  With the weather on this unpredictable isle, so, well unpredictable, it’s hard to select 33 items which will cover the back-end of April to the middle of July.  By mid-May (hopefully, I’m ever the optimist) my toasty warm cashmere hacking jacket might be a misguided selection, but as my default setting is cold I’m not prepared to take the risk.  Likewise I’m not sure it’s going to be warm enough for the silk maxi t-shirt in the foreseeable future, but I don’t want to squander the opportunity to wear my new, exceedingly comfortable best friend.
  3. Will I be constantly washing?

So here goes:

I’ve categorised my selection to ensure it’s workable – five pairs of shoes in case we have a week of rain!, four jackets, sufficient tops in case I can’t wash/dry my selection one week, and so on…

Excluded items from the selection are:

Gym kit (phew!) – It’s allowed if you just work out in it (which I do)
Hosiery and socks
Watch and wedding ring

Finally, I’ve only selected 30 items and allowed myself three new items from the studio, as yet to be designed!

Wish me luck.




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