Sunday Best

If I asked if you’d recently worn your Sunday Best would you know what I’m talking about?

Well for those under the age of 35, Sunday Best, was an outfit which was “kept” for best, only brought out on high holy days and holidays.

My grandparents very much had a Sunday Best to the extent that my beloved grandfather’s Sunday Best clothes were probably 40 plus years old when he died, and as good as new!  In his latter years he seldom left the house but steadfastly refused to wear them indoors.

Those were the days when fashions didn’t change quite so quickly and most people wore a uniform or overall during the working week.  Sunday was a day of rest, a day to wear your finery and be seen looking your best.

Grandfather in his Sunday Best on holiday in Northern Ireland

Even when I was a little girl (not that long ago, I hasten to add!), I had a best outfit.  I had two per year – summer and winter.  The carefully selected outfit would be worn for church, birthday parties and if we were going out somewhere nice (shopping trips to Schofields and lunch out).  When a new outfit was purchased, the best outfit then became, well, the second best outfit I guess and eventually was “worn up”  for everyday, unless of course, I’d outgrown it in the meantime!

Whilst Sunday is no longer special – it’s just another day as far as most of us are concerned – why do we no longer have a Sunday Best or indeed a Best outfit?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have one.  I buy (actually, I mostly make) and wear straight away.

However, it’s a thought which struck me on a recent sort out of my holiday / summer clothes.  As I was pulling the clothes from the packing trunk, clothes I’d bought over the years (many years) and saved for special occasions and holidays (because it’s seldom warm enough to wear “summer” in Yorkshire) , only to find they’re like brand new and either don’t fit or are so far out of fashion they might be “the thing” next season. Or, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, I’d simply gone off them.

Thinking of Easter, certainly as a child, this was the time when the new season “best” outfit was purchased.  Many an Easter Day service has been spent shivering in a cotton dress under a winter coat, whilst snow flurries floated past the windows as I steadfastly insisted on wearing my new outfit.

However, with the advent of cheap fast fashions, we’re more likely to buy now and wear now, because we don’t know if it’ll be in fashion in a weeks’ time, where we’ll be, or what the weather is going to be like.

Currently in my wardrobe, nothing is off limits.  There are a couple of things which aren’t entirely work appropriate (lace isn’t practical working in the studio) but nothing appears to be off limits. For instance a fortnight ago when the sun shone and the air was balmy, meeting friends for supper, I wore some new season culottes (latest from the Eliza studio), teamed with an older lace vest (two years old and well worn, but still passable), an every day biker, and my new season pristine white pumps.  In short, life is too short to save for best and my wardrobe is as hardworking as I and ready to shine at every occasion.  Never more so as I undertake Project333.

Relaxed dressing – nothing is saved for “best” nowadays as my clothes need to work hard

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