The 333 Challenge: Week 1

My first week partaking in Project333 is complete.  Whilst it’s not been a particularly eventful one in terms of activities undertaken, the temperatures took a nose-dive this week.  Consequently I’ve spent two days shivering in my beautifully curated early spring selection!

Weather aside, my main problem has been my right foot.  Having worn my new best friend pumps (my first and possibly only indulgence this season) three days on the bounce, walking a significant number of miles each day, my right heel finally surrendered to a blister on the walk home from supper on Saturday night.

When embarking on this project, I was adamant there would be no cheating or bending of the rules.  Whilst I appreciate that sometimes substitutions need to be made, one my main focus was to ensure that I could curate and maintain a workable capsule wardrobe.  However, needs must and by Sunday morning the only wearable footwear for a spring sunshine walk were my faithful work-out trainers (I’m so not a trainers gal and they are strictly gym only!).  It was a question of substitution or confinement, and dear readers, I chose the latter as I simply had to get out in the spring sunshine.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday… too much!  My new best friend pumps quarreled with my right foot big style on Saturday night walking home from supper!  Sunday substitution.
After Substitution Sunday, we wake to arctic Monday, which calls for another substitution

Substitutions and additions aside, it’s been a fun first week.  I’m hoping the cold snap is a mere blip as it’ll render this entire experience redundant.  More next week as I talk through the rationale behind my selection.

Discovered lurking in my wardrobe a pair aged pair of Paige jeans far too long. Chopping off the bottom, I hoping to eek out another season from these ancient comfortable faves


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