Wardrobe Detox

Spring; my second favourite time of year (sorry folks but Christmas will always be my fav!).  A time of hope and joy, as mother nature springs back into life and colours the landscape. The last couple of weeks have certainly seen a riot of colour burst forth from nature, well it has in Harrogate.  From spring blossoms along the Stray to the blue bells in the wood, spring has certainly sprung and now it’s time to lighten up the wardrobe.

As part of my Project 333 challenge, I’m working with a paired down streamlined look anyway so not much need for detoxification.  However, I know there are still many among us who are in need of a little help.

Last Friday saw me tackle a customer’s wardrobe (clothing rail lined bedroom to be more specific) which was more  than in need of a little detoxification.  K had already had a go at clearing her wardrobe (she’d kept a list of discarded items before I even arrived) but needed help making some all important decisions.  In many respects there were things she knew the time was right to discard, but like many is fearful of a small amount of clothes.  The comfort blanket of a full rail, despite the fact the majority didn’t fit properly / work for K’s figure, was more alluring than a wardrobe she could wear.

It’s not the most extensive wardrobe I’ve tackled, but it was one of the tidiest! The second edit of K’s wardrobe after she’d had a first stab at tackling it herself
88 hangers… from 88 discarded tops

Whilst K’s wardrobe was at the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of hoarding, there were a couple of brands who haven’t had a high street presence, or any other presence in this millennium (!), there is plenty you can do to stop your wardrobe becoming an overgrown wilderness:

  • Damaged/beyond repair – accidents happen, a first outing for silk t-shirt at the Christmas party and a knocked elbow resulted in a red wine spillage which, despite several attempts at vanish will not go – sadly it’s RIP for the top.  It will never be worn so why keep?
  • Anything which doesn’t fit… when I say doesn’t fit, I mean you’ll only fit into it again if disaster strikes or you go nil-by-mouth for a month!  If that’s the case, then seriously, it has to go.
  • Anything which washes you out or doesn’t feel great. We all have one item which we keep (usually because it cost a lot of money) which isn’t flattering / colour washes you out / makes you feel fat.  Get rid!
  • Make room for new arrivals – adopt a one-in, one-out philosophy on your wardrobe and you won’t go far wrong.

Ok, so that’s a start on the wardrobe detox…

If you need a helping hand to pull your wardrobe into shape do get in touch.



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