The Holiday Edit

I’ve become a much savvier holiday packer over the years, although I’ll admit there was a time when that wasn’t always the case. A trip around the world with my mother, many years ago, saw us take a couple of suitcases each for the 21 night break… coupled with a few purchases along the way, and the resulting journey home was a plea with the US officials in a bid to avoid excess baggage (a feat we narrowly achieved!).

Since then, I’ve become more adept at packing.

As an independent gal, I like to be able to carry my own case.  So the first rule is if I can’t lift, I can’t take it!

Also, with modern weather apps it’s easy to find out what the weather is like at your destination which means packing is less of a lottery.

It sounds boring, but it’s all down to the preparation.  I lay out all my intended outfits / garments and count them up.  If the result is three changes of outfits per day, it’s time to reconsider!  At this stage I think about halving my selection (when I mentioned this to Significant Other’s mother last year for their barge holiday she looked mortified, thinking I was suggesting she take odd shoes!!).

Likewise, do you need a “just in case” extra three t-shirts?  In case of what?

Can you mix and match?  Whilst dresses are great as they’re a complete outfit, they’re not as versatile in that they can generally only be worn once (layering dresses over trousers on holiday seems far too much effort).  Mixing and matching separates is a great way of maxing your holiday wardrobe – for example, a silk t-shirt worn with culottes and heels one night can be re-worn during the day with some shorts or a pair of jeans (depending on the destination).  Likewise, it can be worn with a dressy pair of shorts can be worn for a trip into town later in your stay.

Lots of mix and match tops to be dressed up in the evening and worn again with shorts for a daytime look plus a couple of dresses were my staples on a recent trip

How many shoes is too many?  They add bulk and weight to your packing, especially if you’re carry-on only.  Of course it depends on your destination but seriously a couple of comfy pairs for the day, and something to dress up in the evenings is all I really need (I prefer wedges on holiday just in case you have to walk across grass or sand to get to supper!).

Finally, my holiday wardrobe doesn’t tend to change much from year to year (especially if it’s a warm holiday) as we seldom have sufficiently hot days in the UK for me to wear things outside holiday time.  Consequently most things are tried and tested (and suitably sun-lotion ready), which I tend to keep separate to my everyday wardrobe.  However, it’s worth reviewing the selection from time to time so you don’t get stuck in a holiday rut.  Whilst most of us can’t afford a brand new holiday wardrobe, it’s always nice to have a recent purchase to slip into.

If you’re struggling with your holiday selection and need an independent eye, why not get in touch for a holiday wardrobe evaluation and help with packing?



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