Challenge 333 – two months in

I’m two months into my Project 333 challenge and I’ve gone through rain, hail and heatwave (twice).  Whilst I’m very much enjoying the project, I have, dear readers, a confession.

I’ve discovered I love clothes!

There I’ve said.  Actually its probably closer to the truth to say I adore clothes.  I, admittedly, have a lot of clothes and I adore having a wide selection of clothes for a whole host of occasions… and moods!  I love the variety of having a wide (but not too wide) selection from which to make a choice.

So it’s closer to the truth to say I’ve found the last two months working my Magic 33 something of a challenge.  Firstly due to the weather – torrential rain (albeit infrequent nevertheless proved a three day outerwear challenge);  secondly I’ve had to consider and plan my outfits like never before to ensure the small selection was laundered; thirdly if I hadn’t “cheated” (see my first point) I’d have spent a fortune buying appropriate clothes or spent days without leaving the house slobbing around in PJs!

Whilst the above sounds negative, I am enjoying this mindful curation challenge.

In my defense, I do pretty much, at some stage, wear my entire wardrobe. As I’ve said countless times before, every item has to work hard and be efficient to justify it’s place within the hallowed wardrobe space.  It might not be a day in day out sort of wear (the raincoat being a prime example), it will more likely be a monthly cycle (this month I’ll mostly be wearing…).

As a consequence I’m in the process of re-evaluating the Magic 33 for July.  So long, to the lightweight wool shift dress and culottes, see you late September (I hope I’m not tempting the weather goddess to call my bluff!), adios long sleeve tops and say hello to lightweight silk vests, maxi-t-shirt-dresss and lightweight culottes.  And whilst the temperature rises, so does the jewellery count.  Hot weather equals less clothing but in my world less clothing requires more jewellery – hello rings, chunky bracelets and bangles!

Saying farewell for now to this lightweight wool classic shift. Perfect for chilly autumn and spring days or worn as a pinafore in winter. Included in the first Magic 33 list but sadly not worn in two months


My jewellery is chunky and I hope funky, but never precious!

Like my work, my wardrobe needs variety so what may become garment non-grata one month, may return to have a last hurrah a couple of months later.

I won’t be discarding great swaths of my wardrobe just yet.  Its more likely this month I’ll mostly be wearing…

Looking forward to July, the first edit. There may be one or two farewells before the final edit.

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