Bag off

Over the years my personal style has evolved, regardless of fashions and trends, to what suits my lifestyle and more importantly my back.

Many was the year when I could be seen with a huge bag (latterly my bag of choice was the Mulberry which weighted a fair old tonnage when empty!), crammed to capacity with items I seldom, if ever, used.   Of course these were the days before smartphones when we’d carry a diary/organiser, iPod, purse, reading book for the commute, deodorant (don’t ask), perfume (there’s no wonder I never had any cash as I’d spray at least a couple of times per day and I never scrimp on cheap perfume), work make-up bag, brolly in case it rained..!  There is no wonder my back doesn’t always like me.

Today, I’ve totally ditched the bag. I feel unencumbered and liberated.  For my back its been salvation.

What do I actually need?  My phone (obvs.!) from which I can keep in contact, take images, check my diary, check the news, check the weather (2 different apps), manage my money, go shopping, get directions and even pay for my coffee (I’m sure there must be more I can do but surely that’s enough for starters).

Wallet is always handy but not always necessary (see above).

Lipstick is my one and only vanity – can’t live out without it.

Handkerchief is a necessity if it’s not a runny nose due to wind it’s a weepy eye due to sunlight!

And that’s about it.  I seldom bother with a brolly nowadays unless it’s forecast rain (see above) – no hair to mess up.

Not fussed for reapplying make up – don’t wear much to start with and on the odd occasion I’ve taken bits with me to reapply, I’ve forgotten I had them with me!

Don’t need a brush or comb – my pixie crop doesn’t move.

Organiser, paper and camera all redundant in these electronic times so what else would I carry in my hold-all style bag?

If I absolutely must carry a bag, it’s a small pouch style clutch from Jigsaw… wallet, lippy and hanky, and I’m good to go!

So unlike the song, for me breaking up hasn’t been hard to do.



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