Dior: Designer of Dreams

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the brand spanking new Dior Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris – a pleasure for me, as normally when I’m scheduled to visit a city the exhibition of choice has either just closed, or about to open the day after I’ve left!  That the Dior exhibition opened the week before, and thanks to my Twitter feed (thank you social media), I was able to spend a pleasurable hour or several viewing one of my design aspirations.

This extensive exhibition chronicles the inception of the House of Dior, through to present day. Whilst the New Look will always be my favourite shape – elegance personified – the exhibition shows how the House of Dior has progressed since the unexpectedly early death of Dior himself.  Each designer thereafter bringing a little of their own design style to the House, whilst retaining an overall style of the House.

Too many favourites for me to mention all the rooms, and show all the dresses, instead below are a selection of the extensive photographs taken throughout.  If you’re visiting Paris – it’s a must see (although I’d recommend pre-booking tickets).


Dior: Designer of Dreams – the iconic New Look outfit


The first room revealed iconic photographs from the 1950s
As the lights dimmed the image fades to reveal the original outfit


The next room reveals Dior as the house of colour – showing accessories and quarter scales of many iconic images.  Starting with white and ending in black and all the colours in between.
Hues of green – this particularly stunning small scale dress is wonderful
From green to blue


Pink into red
Kaleidoscope of colour continues


Cases crammed with accessories, miniatures and full scale. The eye just can’t take it all in. Finally ending with chic black.


The garden room highlighted the floral theme running through the generations of the House of Dior


The iconic Dior coat dress – timeless and still relevant today


Simple styles in stunning fabrics


The second part of the exhibition opens with the iconic New Look ,  standing behind are a selection of iconic looks produced by each generation of designers


To the latest – S/S17

Dior after Christian Dior.

Moving through rooms dedicated to each designer’s tenure, showcasing iconic looks from each.


Iconic dresses from each designer – these are Marc Bohan


This part of the exhibition has a room to showcase each of the designers who have taken up the mantel since Dior’s death


The toile – a room from the archive of toiles. Stunning!


The detail on each individual toile is astonishing.  I wanted to scrutinize each and every one of them!


Red, black and grey outfits showcase the timeless style over the years


Just when you didn’t think it could get any better, you enter the final room; the Dior ball complete with light-show

A stunning showcase of an iconic house.


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